Completed the Fundraiser for the Orlyk UAV

We raised 1,150,000 UAH in four months!

We won’t pretend to be modest, it’s one of the biggest fundraisers we’ve ever done. And we weren’t at all sure that we’d be able to raise such a sum. But step by step, donation by donation, with the help of friendly initiatives, large media platforms and, of course, thanks to you, people who care, we fulfilled a request to purchase an Orlyk UAV.

It’s not just any UAV. It’s constructed by a Ukrainian manufacturer, and thanks to this plane’s specifications it can conduct reconnaissance deep in the enemy’s rear practically unnoticed.

This is incredible help which will have a significant impact in the Kupyansk direction, where Swallow and her team are currently working — anti-authoritarian fighters who volunteered in the first days of the war and went to do recon with Mavic 1s, the first drones they could get their hands on. Today the equipment which our brothers and sisters are working with costs millions, and the damage they deal to the enemy reaches hundreds of millions of euros.

Your contribution to this work is impossible to overestimate, because the majority of the equipment they are working with was collected thanks to the solidarity and help from comrades all over the world.

Significant contributions to these fundraisers were made by: ABC Dresden, GNIP, Yellow Peril Tactical

Media platforms that help us spread the word: Yigal Levin

P.S. The manufacturer gave us a discount for the Orlyk, so we still have 24,000 UAH left. The funds will go to the same unit to purchase a camera for their Valkyria UAW.