Help to the Animals Rescued From the Front-line Zone

Last week we successfully completed the mission to deliver food, medicine and equipment for animals at the request of a medic from one of the headquarters in the Zaporizhia Region.

Animals suffer from this war as much as people. And most of them are incapable of surviving without a human. Our medic friend and the fighters in their battalion constantly rescue someone on the frontline and in the territories near it because they understand that a cat or a dog will just starve to death or be killed by a missile if they have no care.

The number of animals at the headquarters constantly varies: some arrive, others find new homes thanks to soldiers and volunteers. But there is constantly a number of animals at the base, and they always need food. These are different animals, so we bought dry and canned pet food for medium-sized and big dogs, for small dogs, for cats and for the smallest ones—kittens and puppies.

We also delivered some anti-parasite meds. Because regardless of the season or the conditions, animals need to be regularly treated for parasites.

The trip took two days. At the time when we arrived, only some of the animals were at the base, because the medics usually take their wards with them, but we still got to hear their stories.

Almost all of the pets at the base have a tragic past: a cat who was the only survival after a night bombing of a Point of Invincibility, Akki the dog who was run over by a vehicle and left to die (he was seen by the battalion fighters on time and delivered to a doctor), Valerka the regiment dog who was shell-shocked four times, and other animals who suffered from this war in one way or another.

This trip was possible thanks to everyone who joined the fundraiser, brought things and food for animals to the café Mates cafe or mailed them to us. We are sincerely grateful to you. Special thanks to our Italian friends from Brigate Volontarie per l’Emergenza, who raised a significant share of the funds, and to Ludovico, who came to Ukraine to help the volunteer movement!