Report for March-April

In these past 2 months, we successfully completed a fundraiser for DJI Mavic 3 drone and participated in a fundraiser purchase of two cars and to repair a vehicle MANPADS.

For the soldiers, we purchased a lot of tactical equipment and electronic devices. A Starlink, two Motorola 4400 and six Motorola T82 radios, a solar panel, 9 plate carriers, 2 helmets, 4 backpacks, 3 pairs of  active headphones, 2 pairs of tactical glasses. And the list goes on.

The temperature outside has increased, so our comrades need the appropriate clothes. In these two months, we gave them 7 pairs of tactical gloves, 6 pairs of boots, 5 jackets, 4 sets of thermal underwear, and other clothes.

We continue to provide our comrades with tactical medicine equipment. In March and April, we delivered 53 tourniquets, 46 Israeli bandages, 60 ampules of painkillers, and 50 nasopharyngeal tubes. And medics received an ECG machine, blood transfusion equipment, soft stretchers, hyperventilation masks, and a reanimation bag.

We also provide financial support to international volunteers who are not paid wages: 8 fighters in March and 6 in April.

We continue to help civilians affected by the war as well. In March, we went on two humanitarian trips. One in Lyman, where we delivered a lot of clothes, dozens of electric stoves, heaters, power banks and a lot of other things. Right after that, we went to Dobropillia and Zaporizhia to help local trade unionists. A few weeks later we headed to the Kherson Region and delivered tools required to rebuild their houses to the locals. Our latest trip was in late April, when we went to Zaporizhia. We delivered dozens of bags of pet food to soldiers who arranged an animal shelter at their base.

Finally, there were many concerts in the past two months organized by our comrades in support of the Solidarity Collectives, for which we are infinitely grateful.

We keep on working! Of course, only thanks to your support and solidarity.

All of our details for donations are at this link.