Punk against Putinism!

Punk against Putinism

Music has always been an integral part of resistance. And today performers and musicians also play an important role in supporting the struggle against Russian imperialism. Since the beginning of this year, there have been several concerts in support of the Solidarity Collectives.

On February 25, Prague hosted the festival Riot Over River Winter — STOP WAR! STOP PUTIN! 25 punk, crust and hardcore bands, 12 techno and dubstep DJs. And most importantly, over 1,000 participants. This is the real scale of solidarity of the Czech anti-fascist scene with anti-authoritarian fighters in Ukraine!

On March 11, Warsaw hosted 161 Fest, which was completely sold out. The concert was organized on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and the raised funds were donated to support the anti-authoritarian initiatives which help Ukraine.

On March 17, there was a Party of Solidarity with Anarchists Fighting in Ukraine in Frankfurt. The organizers emphasize that they want to support anarchists from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus who fight together against Putin’s imperialism.

On April 1, the PUNKS AGAINST PUTINISM concert was held in Paris. “This is our way to support our comrades in Ukraine: anarchists, anti-totalitarian activists, union activists and grassroots activists who have joined the armed struggle against Putinism,” write the organizers.

Another event from our Czech friends was held on April 22. Alternative rock was played in the beautiful city of Olomouc.

And on April 29, it will be the United States’ turn to play punk and hardcore. The concert will take place in Brooklin, New York, and it is worth noting even just for its poster. Just look at it!

We are deeply grateful to all the organizers of these events. Your help has an impact! We call on those who want to help us to think about this format. Everyone will benefit from it, and the anti-authoritarian fighters in Ukraine will be the first to benefit.

Photo: @black_ploshad