Report for January-February 2022

In two months Solidarity Collectives delivered two vehicles for air reconnaissance units, a VW T5 and a Ford Maverick, and helped fix two other cars. We have also participated in fundraisers for 3 other vehicles, both successfully completed as a result.

In these months, we continued to send important technical equipment to our fighters, particularly 4 drones, 3 night vision devices, 2 thermal vision devices, 2 tablets, 6 generators, 3 monoculars, 2 Starlinks, and 2 smartphones. Warm clothes were another important part of our deliveries in the cold season. In two months, we sent 7 warm sets of clothes (7th layer), 11 fleece sweaters, a water repellent suit, winter shoes, thermal underwear and many other things. We also sent 15 winter sleeping bags and more than 40 chemical warmers.

As for the wearable equipment we sent in January in February, it included active headphones, 3 gas burners and 10 gas cans, 19 flashlights, 200 trench candles, 30 various pouches, a camouflage net, 2 plate carriers. We also sent a bunch of medical supplies: 121 Israeli bandages, 33 CAT tourniquets, 18 hemostatic bandages, 19 nasopharyngeal tubes, 6 occlusive bandages, 4 complete medical kits, etc. Our medics also received a defibrillator, an ECG machine, tonometers, stethoscopes and fabric stretchers from us.

We did two humanitarian trips in February. Thanks to the incredible amount of clothing and everyday items received from our German comrades, we were able to help almost a hundred people in Lyman. And together with an activist from Catalonia, we helped trade unions in Dobropillia and Zaporizhia. With funding raised by UIT-CI, we purchased food packages for 85 families of soldiers killed in action and for 80 members of a railway workers’ union.

We continue to support international fighters who do not receive a salary and have no welfare payments.

And, of course, we thank you for your support. Today more than ever, solidarity is actually material. And everything mentioned above is its result.