People like us are the entire Ukraine.

Air reconnaissance about horizontal practices in the army, elective commanders, grassroots cooperation, rejection of hierarchy, etc.

We continue our series of interviews with fighters supported by the Solidarity Collectives @solidaritycollectives .

During our trip to the East, we met with a Kharkiv group of air reconnaissance military specialists who were active in the country’s civil life before the war: they participated in student protests and environmental movements, organized feminist demonstrations and protests against illegal construction, organized athletic, and later also military training courses. In 2014, they founded a squat where they accommodated refugees from occupied territories and held educational events.

This conversation is about their path. And about preparations for the war, horizontal practices in the Ukrainian army, looting in the de-occupied areas, the defense of Kharkiv and many other things.

We thank the collectives of and @narodviisko for their help in creating this interview.

Video with English subtitles.