We are Solidarity Collectives, a group of Ukrainian anarchists who united when the Russian invasion began, in order to support our comrades fighting at the front and help those affected by the Russian invasion.

Our main goal is to provide soldiers who went to the front with all the necessary equipment that can increase their safety and efficiency in resisting the imperial onslaught of the Russians. Currently about a hundred anti-authoritarian fighters receive support from us. Since the beginning of the war, we have succeeded in providing our soldiers with 5 cars, 20 helmets, 30 body armors, 50 first-aid kits, 5 drones, 30 walkie-talkies, 100+ sets of clothing, optical sights, equipment, military ear defenders, and much, much more.

The soldiers we support are activists of various convictions: anarchists, human rights defenders, trade unionists, eco-anarchists, anarcho-feminists, punk-rockers, political refugees from Belarus and Russia, etc. Many of them would not agree with each other’s vision and ideas before the war. However, they were united by a common enemy, because the Russian imperial machine will not allow any of us to exist. We will remain united until the end of the war, until the last occupier leaves the territory of independent Ukraine.

Our struggle is a struggle against colonial imperial politics, according to which the world order is determined by whoever has more weapons and fossil deposits. We are fighting against false propaganda and hypocritical geopolitical compromises. We are fighting for a world order in which people choose their own path and development, and do not submit to the power of dictators.

We are grateful for the help of everyone who did not stay away from our struggle. But the war continues, and we receive new requests from our soldiers for help on a daily basis, from socks to reconnaissance UAVs. So please support our resistance movement, a movement that has united people from all over the world. We really need your help.