Meet a new warrior we are going to support from now on.

“I, Kafa, Klema, am a non-binary person, I am 21. Total liberation begins with your own actions. It’s like with anarchists: you see a task = it is yours, you know it. When a friend of mine who knows what war is and what loss means heard that I was going to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, she told me: ‘Fighting for what you believe in, being a fighter is the best thing there is,’” Klema explains for the LGBT military community.

“Right now our unit is carrying out battle tasks in Eastern Ukraine, near Bakhmut. My military specialization is air reconnaissance, so there is an unmet need for birds, Mavic 3s.”

We are launching a fundraiser to buy a Mavic 3 drone for the Seneca unit.

✊Goal: 2600$

🔗link for donation

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